Studio policy

Teaching Philosophy

Piano lessons are a valuable investment, and I hope to instill a love of music that will last a lifetime.

I am a trained classical pianist that has a love for teaching. There is no greater reward than watching my students develop their skills. I strive to bring out the best in my students. I believe in engaging and challenging them to achieve their full potential.

During lessons, I have my students focus on a few different pieces of music at a time. I make it a point for my students to work on technical pieces or studies to enhance their technique. In addition, my students study music theory, sight reading, and ear training. These elements are essential.

My goal is for my students to develop a lifelong love of music, and that they are inspired, engaged, and enthusiastic about learning to play the piano.


Learning to play any instrument is a commitment. Consistent lessons and practice sessions make for steady progress. 

Productive practice is encouraged through goal-oriented practice. This can be done by setting a specific goal for each practice session, and striving to reach that goal by the end of the practice session. 

The most successful students come from homes where daily piano practice is encouraged. As a parent, by enrolling your child in piano lessons you are committing to help guide your child through this process.  A strong relationship between the student, parents, and teacher is key!

Parental Involvement

Piano lessons are a team effort. This requires parents to be actively involved in the student’s development. 

At any level, playing the piano requires complex thinking skills and highly developed coordination. To achieve these abilities requires time and repetition. This is why regular practice sessions are so important.

By enrolling your child in piano lessons, your are committing to help them with practicing at home.


Tuition is paid in 10 equal monthly installments. Payments are due the first lesson of each month, between September and June. Your tuition includes private lessons and participation in studio recitals and events. Rates remain consistent for each month, regardless of the number of lessons. 

There are 3 studio vacations during the year with no lessons: 1 week for Thanksgiving, and 2 weeks for Winter Break. This ensures that everyone in the studio has the same number of lessons in the academic year.

Summer Session will take place between July and August. During this session, lessons are purchased in blocks of 4 (1 month tuition) and will be scheduled at the student and teacher’s permit, to accommodate for vacations, etc. Monthly rates will remain consistent. Please give me at least two weeks’ notice if you will be out of town. 

Fees for Certificate of Merit, competitions, and any out of studio programs/events will be paid for prior to the entry deadline for the event. Sheet music/books will be purchased by the teacher and paid for by the student. Invoices will be issued by the teacher for these materials and are due upon receipt.

Students that participate in Certificate of Merit need a minimum lesson length of 45 minutes. Students who are CM Level 6 and above need a lesson length of one hour.

Missed Lessons

There are no refunds, credits or make-ups for lessons that are missed by the student. When a student misses a scheduled lesson, they simply miss the benefit of that lesson. I will use that time to lesson plan for the student, locate materials, etc. Remember that your tuition pays for more than your weekly lessons. 

If I must cancel a lesson for any reason, extended or make-up lessons will be offered. 

*If a student is not home within 15 minutes of their scheduled lesson time, I reserve the right to leave and no make up/refund will be given.


Please do not have your child attend their lesson if they are sick! This includes fever, nausea, vomiting, etc. If I arrive at a scheduled lesson and the student is very ill, I reserve the right to end the lesson early. 

Recitals/Certificate of Merit

Performance opportunities are always encouraged. They provide goals to work for throughout the year, and are a way for students to see their progress. Please talk to me if you are interested in recitals and/or Certificate of Merit for your child. There may be additional fees for certain outside studio recitals, certificate of merit, etc.

Recitals are offered throughout the year and dates will be published in the studio calendar.

Photo/Video Release

Photography and video taping of students may be used on the studio website/social media pages. If you would prefer that photo/video not be used, please let me know.